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Convenient Scrap & Metal Recycling

Metals, such as copper, steel, and aluminum, are incredibly useful. Instead of harboring your scrap metal in your storage space, bring it to M. J. S. Metals in Townsend, Massachusetts, to preserve these useful resources.
Recycle - Scrap Metal

Reasons to Recycle

In addition to ridding your space of unwanted scrap metal, metal recycling is essential as it disposes of metallic items properly.

As a metal recycling company, we recycle scrap metals to prevent them from losing their important properties, which we can renew and reuse. Common recyclable metal items include: 
• Appliances
• Cars
• Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

• Reconditioned Auto Parts
• Used Electronics
• Used Truck Parts

Roll-off Containers

We offer industrial roll-off containers as part of our recycling program. Give us a call to schedule a container drop off and pickup.

Additional Services:

• Hole Punching
• Plant Cleanups
• Municipal Recycling Programs
• Sawing Services
• Car Crushing
• On-Site Baling
• Self-Sumping Services
• Industrial Recycling
• Towing

• Waste Audit Services
• Light Iron Services

Contact us to reduce your environmental impact and start a metal recycling program.